Never underestimate what landscaping can do for your home or property.

A professionally landscaped garden is a property investment. Every dollar spent on professional landscaping is multiplied in resale value. So when building a new home, allow for landscaping in the budget.

The garden is an outdoor room; an extension of the home.

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Fences provide privacy, create separate areas, define the boundary of a property and can also block out unsightly views. They often incorporate gates and letterboxes and are usually made of wood, post-and-rail, plastered block, ironwork or brick. New Look Landscapes Ltd is the Otago supplier and installer for Wooden Gates Waiuku.

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are built to retain earth which would otherwise collapse. It's vital that the structure is able to resist the forces exerted by the retained material and any extra load which may be imposed on it. Retaining walls can be invaluable for enlarging the functional area of the garden. Various materials may be used, such as stone, concrete blocks, treated timber and gabion baskets.


Paving can be used for pathways, patios and steps. Paving looks luxurious and can increase property value more than other materials. For example, concrete, which can end up cracking, puddling and can be difficult to restore if underground services have to be accessed at a later date.

Paving is extremely durable and has a long lifespan. It's important to lay a good foundation for paving. Although initially slightly more costly, a mortar base ensures paving will not slip and weeds won't grow between the gaps. There is a wide choice of natural stone paving and precast concrete paving available on the market today.


Concrete is commonly used for foundations and footings. It is also used to construct walls of almost any size or configuration and, if properly reinforced, provides an exceedingly strong structure. Walls can then be plaster-finished to create a stylish look. Concrete is also available in precast forms such as paving slabs and cobblestones.


For practical reasons the hard landscaping should be installed first before planting.  When selecting plants consideration of the architecture of the property, sun, shelter, privacy, formal/informal styling and visual continuity are important. The way the hard landscaping and planting are combined will determine the ambience of the garden as a whole.

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Water Features

The use of water in a garden adds a sense of peace and calm. A water feature enhances a garden and attracts butterflies and birds. Water features include ponds, waterfalls and fountains.

Wooden Gates

A gate is an entranceway and gives the first impression of what lies beyond. Timber and metal are probably the two most popular types of material used for gates. New Look Landscapes Ltd is the Otago supplier and installer for Wooden Gates Waiuku.  View their extensive range of gates at

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Landscape Design

The importance of a good landscape plan cannot be overemphasised. Developing a sound framework enables all elements of the garden to work together. Whether you are starting from scratch or adding to an existing garden a plan establishes a clear course of action.

A landscaped garden should be seen as an extension of the home; an 'outside room'. It is important that the two are linked so that they appear to function as one entity. An understanding of the way shapes relate to each other is at the very heart of garden design. It is the underlying abstract shapes that give a garden its visual strength.

We can work with your existing landscape plan or we can recommend a landscape designer or architect.